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Photometric Plan and Temporary Exemptions
A Photometric Plan may be submitted with a site plan or landscape plan on all public or private properties, including rights-of-ways, public easements, franchises and utility easements for approval by the Zoning Administrator. A Photometric Plan shall be submitted prior to issuing a building permit. Plans shall include the following:
A. A layout of the proposed fixture locations.
B. The light source.
C. The luminous area for each proposed light source with proposed footcandle measurements.
D. The type and height of the light fixture or of the light source above grade.
E. The type of illumination.

A. Upon approval by the Administrative Official, temporary exemptions from the requirements of this ordinance for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days may be approved.
B. Any person may submit a written request, on a form prepared by the City for a temporary exemption request. The request shall contain the following information:
1. Specific exemption (s) requested
2. Type/use of outdoor lighting fixture involved
3. Duration of time requested
4. Type of lamp and calculated footcandles
5. Total wattage of lamp(s)
6. Proposed location of fixtures
7. Previous temporary exemption requests
8. Physical side of fixtures and type of shielding provided
9. Such other data or information as may be required by the Administrative Official.
C. Requests for renewal of exemptions shall be processed in the same way as the original request. Each renewal shall be valid for not more than fourteen (14) days or a time period designated by the Zoning Board of Adjustment.
D. Approval for temporary exemptions will be based on the effect of location and use of outdoor lighting fixture.
See Article 10: Outdoor Lighting Requirements for complete, detailed information.
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