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Zoning Annexed Territory
A. All territory annexed to the City shall be classified as A Agricultural zoning district. The concurrent procedure for establishing zoning on annexed territory shall conform to the procedure established by law for the adoption of original zoning regulations in § 3.1: Zoning Processes.

B. The City Council or petitioners for annexation may request alternative zoning classifications in an area being considered for annexation. The City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission may hold public hearings on annexation and zoning simultaneously, and the City Council may approve the zoning of a newly annexed area at the time of annexation.

C. In an area classified as A Agricultural zoning district:
1. No person shall erect, construct, or proceed or continue with the erection or construction of any building or structure, or add to any building or structure, or cause the same to be done in any newly annexed territory without first applying for and obtaining a building permit or certificate of occupancy.

2. No permit for construction of a building or use of land shall be issued by City other than a permit which will allow the construction of a building permitted in the A Agricultural zoning district.