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Creation of Building Site
A. Procedure for Creating Building Site/Lot.
No permit for the construction of a building or buildings upon any tract or plot shall be issued until a building site, building tract, or building lot has been created by compliance with one of the following conditions:
1. The lot or tract is part of a plat of record, properly approved by the City, and filed in the plat records of the county or counties in which the lot or tract is located.

2. The lot or tract faces upon a dedicated street and was separately owned prior to the effective date of this ordinance or prior to annexation to the City, whichever is applicable, in which event a building permit for only one main building conforming to all the requirements of this ordinance may be issued on each such original separately owned lot or tract.

3. The lot or tract is all or part of a site plan officially approved by the City and compliance has been made with provisions and improvements approved on such site plan for all utility and drainage easements, dedication of streets, alleys and other public improvements required to meet the standards established for the platting of land. Any lots or tracts must be provided access via a public street or drive.

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