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Authorized Special Exceptions
Authorized special exceptions.
(a) The board shall have the power to hear and decide special exceptions in the districts indicated on the table of permitted uses or in the accessory uses regulations, subject to full and complete compliance with any and all conditions listed, together with such other conditions as the board may impose for protection of the public health or safety: See Table for a list of special exceptions by section.

(b) Findings.
The board shall not grant a special exception unless it finds:
(1) That the use is specifically permitted under the ordinance and the requirements for such use are met; and
(2) That the locations of proposed activities and improvements are clearly defined on the site plan filed by the applicant; and
(3) That the exception, if granted, will be wholly compatible with the use and permitted development of adjacent properties.

See also § 3.6: Special Exceptions for more information.