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Tower with Television or Radio Broadcast Station
Radio, television, microwave broadcast relay, receiving towers, transmission and re-transmission facilities, satellite receiving only earth stations (home dish antenna), and any electronic emission equipment of a commercial nature shall be allowed in the nonresidential zoning districts if it complies with the following regulations:

Construction Standards:
A building permit must be obtained prior to the construction and/or installation of a tower, antenna, or mast. Antenna facilities must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or under the seal of a registered professional engineer of the State of Texas. Regardless of the above, all such antenna facility and antennas must meet the Electronic Industries Association Standard EIA-222-D, Structural Standards for Steel Antenna Towers and Antenna Supporting Structures and the Building Code;

Antenna facilities and antennas obviously not in use or obviously in need of maintenance as determined by the Administrative Official, shall be removed or brought into compliance within thirty (30) days following notice given by the Administrative Official. This shall not preclude immediate action by the Administrative Official to safeguard life, limb, health, property, and public welfare;

Antennas on Multifamily Property:
No permit shall be issued for the installation of an antenna or antenna facility on a multifamily structure or property unless a notarized statement of permission from the owner is presented to the building department;

Special Exceptions for Noncomplying Facilities:
A Special Exception must be obtained from the Board of Adjustment for any antenna or tower, which is in a nonresidential zoning district and does not comply with the regulations in this Section.

Stealth Facilities:
Stealth facilities, shall be exempt from the height and location requirements of this Section. In addition, the City Council shall be the final authority as to whether or not any facility meets the definition of a “stealth facility”.

See § 12.1: Wireless Communication Facilities for complete, detailed information.