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Temporary Uses and Special Events
Contents of Application.
An application for approval of a temporary use or special event shall include the following information:
1. Detailed description of the event;
2. Exact location;
3. Expected attendance;
4. Anticipated number of automobiles and proposed methods of providing parking for the same;
5. Location and construction of any temporary signs to be used in connection with the event;
6. Exact dates of commencement and termination of the event;
7. Signed certification by the responsible party and the record owner of the land that all information provided is true and correct and that all schedules will be strictly adhered to; and
8. A fee in accordance with the City of Joshua fee schedule.
A permit for a temporary use or a special event must be approved by the Administrative Official. The Administrative Official may elect, at his/her discretion, to forward any such permit request to the City Council.

See § 5.11: Temporary Uses and Special Events for complete, detailed information.
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